Filing deadline for city offices Jan. 26

Register City Editor

Mayor Bill Maness said Thursday afternoon he had not decided whether to seek re-election April 6.
Maness is completing his first three-year term in the office. The deadline to file is noon Jan. 26.
The only other spring election will fill three council seats in Moran. Jerry Jackman has filed for re-election. Incumbents Michael E. Holman and James L. Cole, have not. Council terms are for two years.
Candidates for the Moran council may file at the city clerk’s office and Allen County clerk’s office. Candidates for Iola mayor may file only at the city clerk’s office.
The successful candidate for Iola mayor will serve a one-year term.
As a result of last April’s referendum on Iola’s form of government, terms of the two current commissioners, Bill Shirley and Craig Abbott, and mayor will end a year from now and members of a new governing body will be selected in the April 5, 2011 election.
Proposed composure of the new governing body is the City Commission’s decision, with the possibility of ano-ther referendum.
Commissioners may embrace a recommendation of a committee they appointed to design a charter ordinance for a new governing body, they may go another direction or they may choose to permit by default governance by eight councilmen and a mayor.
Committee members, meeting since early last fall, recommended governance by six councilmen and a mayor. Other proposals considered by committee members were a four-member commission and mayor and the default position, an eight-member council and mayor.