Moran: Debt hurts future

Register/Bob Johnson
Jerry Moran, First District U.S. representative, visited Allen County Hospital and spoke at a meeting of the Iola Rotary Club Thursday.

First District Congressman Jerry Moran told Iola Rotarians Thursday his biggest concern is the level of spending and borrowing the goverment is doing.
“I fear that we are passing on such a burden of debt to the next generation that they will have a hard time maintaining the standards of living of this generation,” he said. “Our biggest problem is that we are living beyond our means.”
Without specifying which federal programs he would trim, Moran said he had voted against some federal programs and believes it is important for a member of Congress to say no. He said he opposed the health care bills that have been passed by the House and Senate and thinks that the cap and trade bill is the most damaging piece of legislation passed by the House.
Cap and trade is legislation designed to slow the generation of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, by requiring industries to buy credits to burn coal and other high-carbon fuels. He pointed out that areas which enjoy non-polluting sources of energy such as hydroelectric and nuclear power benefit from cap and trade while those which depend on coal, natural gas, gasoline and diesel will see higher fuel costs.
Taxing the use of high carbon fuels will shift the cost of conservation from the coastal regions of the nation to the middle west, he said.
Moran said he thinks education and health care are the two most important matters Congress is dealing with. He favors paying for all the educational mandates the federal government imposes and believes changes in the way health care is delivered should be made incrementally rather than all at once.
“I think it is a bad idea to set a deadline for the passage of health care legislation. We should spend however much time it takes to get it right,” he said.
He also agrees with those eager to reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil. He is, he said, a big supporter of nuclear power.
Moran, who is persuing the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat being abandoned by Sen. Sam Brownback, noted that Kansas will be able to keep its four congressional seats following the 2010 census, according to current population numbers.
Moran is running against Rep. Todd Tiahrt of the Fourth District for the Senate nomination. Brownback is seeking the Republican nomination for governor.
Moran was introduced by Vice President Jon Dunbar.