Easter on the lawn: a great tradition

For 30 years and more the Iola Kiwanis Club has sponsored, managed and staffed an Easter egg hunt on the Allen County Courthouse south lawn — and for 30 years and more, jillions of kids from toddler to mid-elementary school age have lined up, focused their energies and swarmed onto the grass to scoop up as many goodies as they could when the noon whistle blew.
Our crew of eight included a five-year-old and a nine-year-old, both armed with baskets and competitive personalities. They upheld the Lynn name in fine fashion.
There were no Easter eggs, haven’t been for years.
The safely wrapped candy was much more welcome. There really wasn’t a hunt, hasn’t been for years. Kiwanians had sowed the candy across the lawn as thick as fescue seed. The most successful hunters moved slowly so they could pick up every piece in their path.
Most certainly, many brightly wrapped candies were pushed into the rain-softened lawn and became invisible. Careful lookers will be finding them for weeks. (It will also be discovered if planted candy sprouts and reproduces. Odds seem against it.)
Didn’t count them, but there must have been two or three hundred kids there Saturday at noon. They and their family escorts enjoyed a sunny, clear, calm spring day and shared the kids’ excitement in the few minutes it took for all of the easy pickin’s to be picked.
It was a huge success. Thanks, guys and gals.

— Emerson Lynn, jr.