Only Muslims can end terror threat

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that U.S. intelligence services had enough information to prevent Umaru Farouk Abdulmatallab from boarding the Northwest airliner he tried to blow up on Christmas day but failed “to connect the dots.” He won’t tolerate that, he said.
But he will have no choice. As long as there are radicals willing to die to kill innocents, one or more of them will succeed eventually.
Last Friday terrorists struck a volleyball tournament in the Pakistani village of Shah Hassan Khel. More than 100 died when a car bomb exploded. Most of them were kids. Muslim kids. All of the dead and wounded were innocent of any anti-Muslim activity. This is the breed of killers the world faces.
The next attempt to slaughter Americans may happen at a football bowl game. Or a mega-church worship service. Or in a shopping mall. Maybe a Greyhound bus will be destroyed. Perhaps a subway station will be filled with poison gas at rush hour. Jihadist terrorists are ruthless, but they are not without imagination and intelligence.
Kansans should be keenly aware of the impossibility of protecting any of its citizens from a terrorist attack. Scott Roeder went armed into a Wichita church May 31 and murdered Dr. George Tiller, then left unimpeded. Roeder, or anyone else, could have gone into a crowded Wichita movie theater and set off an explosive vest on that same day. Such an attack could come to Iola or any other U.S. city, town or village tomorrow.
The fact is that the airport security system established after the 2001 attacks is the only structured anti-terrorist operation of consequence in the U.S. to screen against attacks — and it failed miserably, despite all the red flags and a father’s warning.

PRESIDENT OBAMA and all of his men cannot prevent another terrorist attack. Only the nations that produce terrorists can.
The terrorist’s father tried. He learned from text messages from his son that he had become radicalized. News sources report that his son had told his father he had found a new religion. “The real religion. I imagine how the great jihad will take place, how the Muslims will win ... and rule the world, and establish the greatest empire once again!”
His father, a banker, warned Western authorities. The radicalized son was dutifully put on a watch list, but not on the international no-fly list. The son wasn’t stopped before he tried to bring the airliner down be-cause of a failure of U.S. intelligence services.
But the incident pointed to the most effective — possibly the only effective — counter-terrorist remedy: A decision on the part of Muslim nations to actively, consistently, passionately oppose and eradicate the radical jihadists in their midst.
This terrorist’s father understood that he had a moral obligation as a citizen of the world to expose his son’s radicalization. Every Muslim nation has the same obligation to the rest of humanity and should follow his example. Moreover, President Obama and other national leaders should publicly de-mand that they do.
As Thomas Friedman, author and columnist, wrote Wednesday, “... no laws or walls we put up will ever be sufficient to protect us unless the Arab and Muslim societies from whence these suicide bombers emerge erect political, religious and moral restraints as well — starting by shaming suicide bombers and naming their actions ‘murder,’ not ‘martyrdom.’”

— Emerson Lynn, jr.