Lancers win, Lady Lancers lose

Register Sports Editor

EUREKA — Crest High’s Lancers and Lady Lancers were on different ends of lopsided scores Tuesday night.
The Lancers (6-2) used a strong defensive performance to down host Eureka High’s Tornadoes 57-30. Eureka’s girls dominated the winless Lady Lancers, winning 62-28.
“Our guys played very hard defensively the entire game. We had tremendous play off our bench,” said Travis Hermreck, Lancer head coach.
The Lancers were up 36-14 by halftime and held a 30-point lead after three quarters.
Kyle Hammond fired in 14 points for Crest. Bryan Newton had 13 points and Peter Stoneking added 12.
Crest’s girls managed only three points against Eureka in the first quarter. The Lady Tornadoes poured in 26 points in that span and led 44-11 at intermission.
Amanda Strickler had seven points for Crest. Ashley Catt added six.
Crest’s boys lost the junior varsity game 34-33 on a half-court buzzer-beater. Stoneking had 11 points.
In a two-quarter girls’ junior varsity contest, Eureka won 15-14. Kurston Gilliland had five points for Crest.
The Crest teams host Altoona-Midway Friday. They play in next week’s Pleasanton Mid-Season Tournament.
Crest boys (18-18-17-4—57) (FG/3-pt): Wiley 0/1-2-4-5, Stinnett 1/1-0-1-5, Morton 0-0-4-0, Hammond 4/1-3-4-14, Decker 0-0-2-0, Bowen 0-0-2-0, Newton 5/1-0-2-13, Stoneking 5-2-0-12, Ramsey 3-2-2-8. TOTALS: 18/4-9-21-63.
Eureka boys (2-3-2-7, Spore 1-0-1-2, Williams 23-2-7, Boyer 0/1-2-0-5, Kuhn 1-0-3-2, Holcomb 2-3-4-7. TOTALS: 8/1-11-12-30.
Crest girls (3-8-13-4—28): Catt 0-6-1-6, A. Strickler 2-3-3-7, K. Strickler 0-0-1-0, Ku. Gilliland 0-0-1-0, Honn 0/1-0-4-3, C. Golden 1-2-1-4, Ko. Gilliland 1-3-3-5, K. Golden 1-1-3. TOTALS: 5/1-15-15-28.
Eureka girls (26-18-13-5—62) (FG/3-pt): Corns 1-1-2-3, Barrett 3-1-0-7, T. Schwartz 4/1-2-1-13, McKenzie 2-2-3-6, Pitko 4/1-2-1-13, A. Schwartz 4/1-0-1-11, Rader 2-0-3-4, Garner 1-0-2-2, Moore 0-0-1-0, Ibarra 1-1-5-3. TOTALS: 22/3-9-19-62.